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Are you searching for just the available candidates or are you searching for the BEST available candidates for your executive, management and salaried staff positions?

Do you believe that external recruitment firms are too expensive?

Do you feel that the job/’s, candidate “data bank” firms, social/business networking and your company’s career web site are inadequate to meet your company’s most important and expedient needs? Please review Why Use Our Services.

We offer –

Cost Effective Hourly Fee Recruitment

Our staffing research service is an hourly fee passive candidate generation service and we do not charge a retention or percentage hiring fee. The client has control of the scope of our passive candidate recruiting activity and they save approximately 60% – 76% using our hourly fee passive candidate sourcing/staffing research service compared to traditional external recruiting companies. Please review Cost Chart

We Believe in Staffing Services that Help our ClientsEstablished in 1990, we have served over 50 of the Fortune 500 and numerous smaller public and privately-held companies. Our innovative customized salary level and executive passive candidate recruiting capabilities give our clients the cost effective and expedient alternative to traditional staffing agencies, executive search firms, media and “candidate data bank” firms. We have a proven capability to address all salaried positions in all vertical markets, including the most difficult positions in technology, management recruiting, healthcare recruiting and engineering staffing. We have a long successful history of providing diversity recruitment service.

Our specialty is to address, through our passive candidate research, 100% of the qualified and employed salaried population for your positions. We address this larger pool of the best available potential candidates at a dramatically lower cost than fee-for-hire traditional staffing recruitment services.

Please review our web site. Discover our resources, processes, capabilities and how we will be a positive asset to your recruitment strategy. We would be honored to hear from you.