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Passive Candidate Research & Recruiting

Since 1990, we have a proven capability to address all salaried positions in all vertical markets. From healthcare, engineering, management recruiting, diversity recruitment and all other salaried positions, O’Donnell Staffing Research is the preferred choice by over 5,000 companies for hourly fee recruitment research and candidate generation solutions.

In spite of new technologies and new perceived recruitment strategies, such as monster.com, CareerBuilder, website postings, social networking, current employee and LinkedIn networking, staffing research remains a viable resource to generate more candidates expediently and at a low cost.

The aforementioned technologies along with other recruitment tools such as career fairs and recruitment advertising will only generate candidates from a prospective candidate pool of approximately 10% of the total population of all qualified candidates of a particular vertical area of expertise. Our specialty is to address all of the qualified, salaried population who are currently employed for your positions (passive candidate generation). Depending on the economic and unemployment conditions, we address from 90% to 95% of the qualified population for your opportunities.

According to Business Week Magazine, the overall unemployment averages 5% in a good economic climate. But, the unemployment rate is closer to 2% for college-educated individuals. Another fact of American society is that only 33.5% of our entire population has a four year college degree. Additionally, according to the studies done by SHRM, approximately only 2% of this well educated and highly skilled population actively search for a new opportunity while currently employed. Thus, the largest percentage of this well-educated and highly regarded qualified population, which your company is trying to address, is not proactively searching.

Even in the worst economic times, organizations do not release their best employees. They release their less skilled, less productive and marginal employees. They retain their best employees for their current and future operational needs. Thus, when their business and operations recover and expand, these retained and highly regarded employees will be there to quickly generate high productivity. This is the population we address. This population is not twittering for new jobs, they are not on the job boards and they rarely respond to your networking or ads. However, when we directly and aggressively contact this population and personally present your opportunity, there is a positive response to your career improvement and enhancement opportunities. Do you wish to know if these potential candidates will be your new hire?

Another benefit when using O’Donnell Staffing Research, your firm pays a singular hourly fee for singular or multiple positions. When utilizing a percentage fee-based firm, your company is charged a per-hire fee, even when you need several individuals for the same type of position.

Our low, flat hourly fee service gives you the added benefit of having control over the scope of your assignment. Additional benefits are cost controls and expedient, personal service. When you use our hourly fee-based service, we only benefit if we expedite all of our clients’ assignments.

In summary, our firm exceeds in recruitment cost savings compared to traditional external recruitment firms. We are more productive and expedient than career web sites, web postings, social networking, current employee and LinkedIn networking. We are a proven and reputable candidate generation resource which will supply your organization with the same viable, qualified candidates for up to 76% less cost compared to the Fee-For-Hire business model of traditional recruiting firms.

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