Improving Your Posting Visibility

Currently, employers are posting more and more jobs, with increasing signs that they want to accelerate hiring. The latest statistics available indicate that overall hiring has picked up, adding to the evidence that the “Great Recession” is over. Meanwhile, there has been a widening gap between job postings and qualified candidates who want to fill them.

Employers must market themselves. The divergence between rising openings and flat hires means that a company that wants to grow may need to do more to boost its image as an employer. Job openings have recently hit a high mark says a lot about competition among employers for the limited pool of talent. For employers, this raises questions: How do I stand out? How do we make our company and job openings known by a larger population?

Employers using web site posting, ads, social media and the career-dot-coms only address at best 10% of the qualified population. O’Donnell Staffing Research has the full capability to address 90% to 95% of the currently employed qualified talent pool (passive candidates) within a targeted vertical market and geographic region. When marketing and presenting an employer’s opportunity to a larger talent pool, more candidates are realized. Since O’Donnell Staffing Research is an hourly fee/ no-fee-for-hire candidate generation service, we save our clients up to 76% of their external recruitment budget compared to retained fee and contingency fee based search firms. Since 1990, using O’Donnell Staffing Research is proven to be an inexpensive and productive way for employers to fully “market” their company and job postings.