The Recruitment Professional’s Benefits

Employers using web site posting, ads, social media and the career-dot-coms only address at best 8 % to 9% of the qualified population. O’Donnell Staffing Research has the full capability to address 100% of the currently employed qualified talent pool (passive candidates).

When you lower your cost-per-hire (up to 76%; please review Cost Chart), your company views you as a valuable asset. When utilizing our hourly fee-based passive candidate recruitment research model, we give you control over the scope of your recruitment assignment. If you have control over your assignment, you also control your costs.

O’Donnell Staffing Research has decades of experience, since 1990, in performing diversity passive sourcing/staffing research projects. Thus, you and your company can have confidence in our process to address the diversity population within any market place and expertise level.

We do not use a “data bank” for candidate generation. Every recruitment research assignment, including diversity recruitment, is a newly opened file to provide you with fresh, accurate and up-to-date information on targeted companies and viable passive candidates.

Since we specialize in hourly fee-based passive candidate generation and recruitment, we do not benefit by not expediting your assignment in a reasonable amount of time. It is in our mutual best interest for your recruitment research assignments to be completed with the maximum level of expeditious productivity.

O’Donnell Staffing Research offers you viable passive candidate recruiting to do your job better, faster and at a lower cost than other recruitment services. All candidates presented to you will be pre-screened, qualified and interested in pursuing your opportunity.

There are no maximum or minimum numbers of passive candidates we will furnish to you. You benefit from whatever the qualified population dictates; not what a traditional “fee-for-hire” recruitment company dictates or what a career web site posting/social-business network generates.