Hourly Fee Recruitment Research

O’Donnell Staffing Research targets organizations that will have the qualified professionals for your position. We offer our clients customized passive recruitment research which generates more qualified candidates than a candidate data base firm can produce. After the name generation process is completed, we then present your opportunity to these qualified professionals, generate interest levels, develop candidates and forward their résumés with salary information and other requested information to you.

Our hourly fee based recruitment research service is controlled by the time your company allocates to us. When you utilize our hourly fee recruitment service, we do not charge a retention or percentage hiring fee. You may hire as many of the candidates we supply to you with no additional fees or charges. A successful use of this type of service to yield candidates is in direct correlation to the amount of time which is spent sourcing target companies, industries and contacting, as well as presenting your opportunity to potential candidates. A successful and productive hourly fee based staffing research project usually is allocated 75 to 100 hours. The more time allocated, the more candidates will be generated. Our hourly fee recruitment research service is a
cost-effective model for singular position projects or for multiple/same title/level position projects since we do not charge a fee-for-hire to your company. Please review Cost Chart