“O’Donnell Staffing Research has been a great resource for Holman Enterprises. They offer an extremely transparent, cost effective approach to sourcing talent. Their process delivers quality candidates each and every time. Bob and his staff have always represented Holman with the highest level of professionalism. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Brendon A. Renouf, SPHR
Vice President of Global Human Resources
Holman Automotive Group, Inc.


This testimonial is from a client, Rick Beiswenger, who in addition to his recommendation of our resources, also describes how easy it is to engage our resources.

“O’Donnell Staffing Research was key to the staffing successes we had at BE&K during my tenure as Director of Staffing/Recruiting. Bob and his team take a rather unique approach to staffing efforts. They are not a contingency firm. We engaged their hourly fee recruitment service. They simply source viable candidates and provide you with their resume after they have “qualified” them. What I mean by “qualified” is that they phone interview the person to outline the need you have, they ensure that the person is interested in talking with you, they ensure that if relocation is required that the person is willing (assuming details can be worked out), and they tell the candidate that someone from your company will be in touch if there is further interest on your part. Bob then sends that prescreened resume to you for any further action. You would have to then contact the individual and take the process from that point forward. Once Bob hands the prescreened resume off to you, he has done his job. He’s provided you with potential candidates for your opening(s).”

“He bills $100/hour for this research. So, anything you can do to work with Bob and his company will help him trim time off his search efforts which will save you money. For example, if you know that the skill set you are looking for is found in a certain office/facility/plant located in a certain city, then tell Bob, and his team will turn that specific location upside down, getting into it through the phones and basically making an organization chart of who does what, leading them to these potential candidates for your opportunity. They are very adept at “getting inside” companies and making initial contacts with possible resources. Once the hard work is done, it’s up to you and your team to determine if the skills match your requirements and if so, it’s up to you to seal the deal.”

“O’Donnell Staffing Research is very helpful and has the potential to save you a ton of time generating viable candidates to talk to. Believe me, I know – I used the heck out of O’Donnell Staffing Research while at BE&K.”

Rick Beiswenger
Former Director of Staffing and Recruiting
Formerly BE&K (now Kellogg Brown and Root)


“Great to hear from you and to hear that business is picking up. If a future potential client needs a reference regarding your company, I’ll be sure to give you the golden recommendation of your services at O’Donnell Staffing Research you deserve. Hope all is well.”

Best regards,

David Aguilar
Human Resources Manager
General Electric



“Absolutely, you can use me as a reference. O’Donnell Staffing Research has saved recruitment expenditures for our corporation, and your company displayed a high level of productivity. I hope you’re doing well.”

Leslie Bercik
Director Human Resources
NiSource (Fortune 500 power utility holding company)


“Chalk up another success for O’Donnell Staffing Research. We had tried to fill an uniquely specialized position for 2 years without success. The people that were answering our employment postings were currently unemployed, and frankly, second-tier. Bob O’Donnell and his expert staff worked with us to crack the industry and find an employed specialist architect who was curious about exploring new employment opportunities. David accepted our offer and he and his family have now relocated to beautiful Colorado. He is a prized addition to our team and is helping us to grow. The sky’s the limit on where David can go now. This has been a win-win.”

Mark Baker –AIA
Lantz-Boggio Architects


“We have used O’Donnell Staffing Research to help us find qualified Estimator candidates and he delivered the top candidates that we pursued for our current opening. In addition, I used Bob O’Donnell and his folks when I was with PCL Industrial. In fact, I hired our Training Manager as a result of Bob’s efforts.”

Bill Burns
Director of Human Resources
Saxon Construction